lunedì 20 aprile 2009

Anyone needs to drees?

Evidently that day I hadn't nothing better to do than this... and oh, I even found a robust and frendly model who wore my creation at the end!

If you are wondering how this craze happen, the word is just one:

In the Shopping section I had the chance to test a customization editor in order to personalise T-shirts, calendars, mugs and so on... with a particular picture, and than order it via mail!
My impression: this programm really runs, it's useful and practicall, the idea at the base is simple but creative... everyone can customize an item according to everything... so why not play on it for while?

It took just save a picture of Mickey Mouse and add in the editor another pic of mine, than arrange dimensions, colors, writes... just choose the model of shirt you want, and at the end see the final work realised, and ready to be worn like a must-have wear of the latest spring/summer collection;

Wonder who's going to buy this stuff...? xD I know some folks who would do it for sure!

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