mercoledì 19 agosto 2009


...From my lined-sketchbook

If there's something good from summer vacation is the fact that you can relax and find much more time to practise at drawing, despite the high temperature.

Romance at the ice cream bar

Oh, where's my head?

I slowly begin to worry, readers: I've been on a loooong period of holidays and I was enjoying the time far away from the computer! but since he was missing me too much, I found the time to draw, scan and color this last piece with Milo and Diana Beagle! Aren't they sweet togheter at the ice-cream bar ?

Actually I must say that while sketching this one, I was fascinated by the bars and coffee houses that were so widely famous during the periods of the 50's and 60's, with the jukebox's music a go-go (ouch, it was preety hard to do that, I next time I should find some good references) and that many of us learnt at knowing through shows such as Happy Days.

At least Diana found a sweet way to score the old Milo!

I know I missed the wide skirt of the girls and the checked floor of the bar, in order to be "typically 50's style", but I'm sure I'll be enthusiast to draw another piece in the future inspired to this atmosphere! In return I chose sweet, creamy and pastel shades to color the picture;