venerdì 19 giugno 2009

Beachy attitude

Summer has finally come: temperature is preeety hot outside and everybody only wish to go on vacation in exotic places, where sun bathing and having fun...unfortunately for most of them this is only a mirage at the moment (ihih...) due to exahusting exams or pile of work still waiting to be done...

Let's cheer up with this summerish and warm pen- sketch of Milo and Diana enjoying their hoilidays on the beach...and then someone's even claims they do a dog-life?! what a luck!!

Milo's looking for the perfect wave: what a beach boy!

giovedì 18 giugno 2009

Romantic Country Style All Around

Enter in a world of tenderness and creativity with Como Color and Marzia's decoupage

This graphic was designed in 2006 ( one of my first serious works!) for a artistic shop which sells art material and organizes courses to teach new art techniques, like decoupage and country painting;

The background was taken from a photo texture of a craqluè work (it's an artistic technique which allows objects to look particularly vintage and with wrinkles), then I projected the various buttons and banners according to a romantic country style: wooded buttons and sunflowers all around;

Secret Agents Parody

One of my latest artwork featuring Milo & Diana inspired from the movies of James Bond

this one was entirely done with crayons and caran-d'ache pastels, yeah: recently I re-discovered the pleasure of handcoloring, since I hadn't so much time at using the computer!
Hope that with the summer time coming I'll reach to find the time to upload more interesting stuff.

venerdì 5 giugno 2009

A New Milo and Diana Art

I have to spend this post during this busy period to show you the work that Martin - a dear artsy friend of mine- did for a collaboration!

what I like most of this new piece? the style of Martin is immediately recognizable, and I appreciated a lot the unique way he rendered our beaglelicious couple; secondly the coloring: very plan and simple, so that it exalts more the romantic composition of the pose!

And what about the white and big smiles of Milo and Diana? they are contagious! another great piece for the collection: thank you very much!

mercoledì 3 giugno 2009

Maestro Bunny and Jazz Runner

A Personal Sketch in which I try to emulate Chuck Jones' style with two of his greatest charachters, this time in a inedited way according to New Orleans' official music!

Actually it was made when the computer was loading too many files, so it had a crush...while waiting ( and avoid to get angry and to not make further mess!!), I found a piece of paper and a pen, so I began inking...this is the result, and I was preety fair of it to decide to scan it;

Yes, listening to this kind of music for so long really inspired particular this one