domenica 22 marzo 2009

the story of the Duo

This is the last picture I worked on during this period, eh...that's preety busy between study, work and...a decayed teeth that I've to take away in those period!

Anyway here I tried to make a simple and classical art-work for a couple of original charachters I inventing by doodling on my sketchbook; Many of you surely had seen other drawings featuring those two doggies, Diana and Milo, here or at this link

Well, the news here is that those charachters are not totally invented: they actually exist!

-Whaaat? (imagine the wondering expression of many of you readers) and yeah, I confirm one more time: I must say thank you to the amazing beagle dog Milo who gave me the inspiration for drawing his charachter

About Diana, she's the 3-years old dog of a friend of mine, and she's a good pal of Milo!
I don't think she'd be angry if I sketch her as a-sort of "girl" of Milo, while in reality they're simple good friends who share the passion for sniffing around the neighourhood and the love for good food, as you can see in the following picture!

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  1. I didn't know your characters was inspired from real dogs. I'm glad you can have observation from real life stuffs. Congratulations Silvia!